The Return of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Which Pot, Chair, or Bed is “Just Right?”

Why I’m Not (at this time) A Calvinist – Part I (and also entire argument are following, including separate posts): So, my entire argument is composed of the Prelude, and then Parts I, II, and III.

One thing I’ve always disliked about either Calvinistic or Arminian arguments is that they all seem so separated from the whole of Scripture and the entire Bible story. I have yet to read a defense of either side which was holistic and made me feel like I dissected both part and whole of the Bible. So, this is my way of trying to be different – by being as comprehensively aware as possible, in terms of the big picture of God, the Bible, and humans. This is the big picture of life, through the entire lens of Scripture, through John and Jacob’s terms! Or so I hope.

I split it into 3 parts, since it is kinda long. The full version is 14 pages, single spaced. Each footnote is important. I will include links to each part (they will link to the document in google docs, since its easier to read this way). The one downside of this is that all footnotes are at the bottom, as opposed to the bottom of each page. I am more than willing to email anyone the complete document as an attachment, which will be the easiest way to read it, and will require less “scrolling.”

Enjoy! And please feel free to agree/disagree. I was as fair as I thought I could be.

Why I’m Not (at this time) a Calvinist – Part I

Why I’m Not (at this time) a Calvinist – Entire Argument Together