My Top 20 Questions


I’ve titled this blog, “Questions & Hope” because I’ve found the more I ask questions, the more I have hope. When I ask questions, I get closer to answers and the more I repeat the process, the more hopeful I become.

This blog will be a public record of me either:

  • Writing about the books I’m reading, or
  • Trying to figure out how to properly ask & answer the following 20 questions, mostly in order:
  1. What is wrong with the prosperity Gospel?
  2. What is my view on marriage/sexual ethics/homosexuality?
  3. What role should women have in ministry?
  4. In what way is God sovereign and how free is my will?
  5. How can God be good and at the same time allow suffering in the world?
  6. Why is eschatology important?
  7. Do Christians, Muslims and Jews worship the same God?
  8. Is the God of the Hebrew Bible the same God as the one portrayed in the New Testament?
  9. How do I understand the conquest passages in the Hebrew Bible?
  10. Why do I believe the Bible is true?
  11. How should Christians think about secularism? Or more generally: What is a proper politic for Christian existence?
  12. Is there a dichotomy between science and religion?
  13. How should Christians deal with doubt?
  14. Is my Savior a scapegoat? What is the logic of the cross?
  15. Why Church?
  16. How should we understand the concept of the Trinity?
  17. How can we know truth (if there is such a thing)?
  18. How does philosophy of language affect the way I philosophize about words?
  19. What are dreams and should I take them seriously and if so what should this look like?
  20. TBD

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