The Power of a Gift

I’ve recently been reminded of the power of giving. Kaylyn and I took a road trip last week to Wisconsin to see family and to attend two different baby showers. It was a great time, we got to see family and friends, not to mention ate some of our favorite meals, played some video games, got some “fun” reading done, and even watched some T.V.!

When I was home, I was able to see a lot of my friends. In one of my hangout times with a friend (who will remain nameless,) I was inspired! I was inspired by his sacrificial lifestyle. He doesn’t buy all the newest gadgets or the latest clothing. He doesn’t have the newest car and doesn’t go out to eat all that often. Why? Because he is choosing to sacrifice for the sake of others. His outlook to life is refreshingly others-focused. He is constantly (and often secretively) giving the little extra he has when he hears of the needs of those around him. All the while, during the “prime” of his life. He isn’t doing what many of his peers around him are doing (aka indulging themselves because they feel they “deserve” it). He is extremely unique. A ruby in the sand, so to speak. He is free, so free that life is bigger than him, and he enjoys this fact! I was refreshed to be in the presence of such a saint as this. I was convicted by my own selfish tendencies and reminded that all I have been given, is given, and could also at the same time be used for a purpose greater than myself.

Simply put, he is a gift-giver. Hang-out times with people like this are naturally transforming. I’m so blessed to have such friends who unknowingly remind me of the type of God I serve and the type of person I am called to be. I’ve got a lot to learn, and a lot more to practice.

Going home was such a blessing. We received so much more than we anticipated. It was a miracle we fit all our gifts in our car. People were so generous! I was literally speechless when I looked at my car at the end of both showers. It was completely packed with baby clothes, room accessories, diapers, furniture, decorations, and much more. Some people traveled hours to see us and celebrate our upcoming birth. Our friends and family went above and beyond. I should have taken a picture… because it was beautiful. Yes, it was beautiful looking at a car full-o-stuff, but even more than that, it was beautiful how people from all over the state came and sacrificially gave of their time and finances.

All in all, I went to Wisconsin thinking I would enjoy my break from “learning.” Yet in the end, I learned just as much from a couple days there as a whole semester worth of studies. There is so much power in a gift. I feel incredibly blessed to be on the receiving end. Lets just say, our little girl is going to be more than loved! What a great reminder for a future father. My life is not my own. I have been “bought with a price,” and blessed beyond measure. I pray I never take for granted the gifts I’ve received, and continue to receive. Oh God, when will it end?!!!! Why are you so good? I’m a huge fan of “new mercies every morning.”


2 thoughts on “The Power of a Gift

  1. Every blessing to you and kaylyn .. How exciting… I didnt know she is expecting and a little girl at that! I have two of those myself and every day is a miracle! Congratulations! P.s. Started homeschool with elle yesterday … The cycle continues lol

  2. I’m so glad you guys liked it! I hope you have room for everything!

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