Who Said Systematic Theology Can’t Make You [me] Cry?

Somethin about God makes me go crazy. Every once in a while I get a tiny glimpse. Even if only for a second, the shade gets blown open and I see a little bit more of what that Triune community looks like. The truth knocks me over. It overwhelms me. I can barely handle it. I can’t do anything but cry… Raise my hands, close my eyes, fall to my knees and cry. Today, it was God’s eternality that got me. In those moments I have no words and I can’t think about anything else. All I can hear is God’s voice telling me, “Mike, I love you. I always have. I always will. Trust me…” How else can I respond? Imagine the Savior of the earth wants to talk to you. Imagine God in relation with you. With ME?

For the past two weeks, I have been delving into the mystery of God’s Trinitarian nature. But today, study turned into doxology. I’ve been hearing lectures on the history of trinitarian thought. I’ve been reading hundreds of pages of explanations, discussions, summaries. And then it hit me. God has ALWAYS loved every person in the planet. Since before day one God was three. God has been giving and experiencing perfect love for all eternity. God’s grace and compassion is endlessly a part of God’s holiness. God’s got a different perspective. This God who is so different than me gives me the freedom to live, and to make decisions. This same God promises strength, wisdom, and unending divine presence. WOW. This same God who killed death also gave me a promise. That I’ll chillin with them forever. I love hang out times. I love hang out times with friends. I most love hang out times with my best friends. Thank you Father, Son, Holy Spirit! I can’t get enough… literally.


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