Why does blogging make me cringe? A bit of throat-clearing is necessary.

What my blog is not:

  • A “resource”:  Ha, cmon. If you are coming to my blog as a resource, we need to talk about your resourcing skills. You’ve obviously fallen far off the path my friend.
  • An “authority”: If I say something, it probably needs to be challenged. Please don’t quote me if you want to prove a point to your friends. You’ll likely lose the argument, and maybe even the friends.
  • A “requirement”: This is something I’ll do every once in a while when I want to do it. No more, no less! :)

I may as well be honest. I’m not a huge fan of blogging. Its why I haven’t started till now. I’ve actually always made fun of people who blog. From what I can tell, bloggers have too much time on their hands. They think too highly of themselves. They feel like the world needs to know all their specialties, opinions and problems. Too many blogs can be brushed off as ignorant egocasts. What’s worse, is when you come across a student (highschool/college/grad) who thinks that because they’ve taken a class in contemporary law that they now know how law works. Or maybe a student learns a few greek glosses and can tell you the greek alphabet without looking at their textbook!  This Greek newbie takes this to mean that s/he is now a Greek scholar whose sole purpose in the world is to tell all those who don’t know Greek (and don’t care) how they feel about it.  Check this, just because you’ve read a little of Kant doesnt mean you fully comprehend what he is saying and should blog about him. Actually, go ahead and blog, just don’t pretend to be the expert you are not. Here’s a thought… the people who actually know a legit amount and know how to communicate that said amount are usually too busy to blog and so the world is stuck with beginning students of [fill-in-the-blank] (like myself, and the like) wishing to show others new knowledge they don’t themselves even actually understand. Hopefully my overstatements are obvious and provocative. Yes, I realize there are exceptions, and I’m thankful when I find that ever-disappearing pearl in the sand. I’m simply stating what goes through my head when I hear the word, “blog.” So here’s the deal. I’m gonna blog, but I’ll only do it according to these rules and hopefully through them I’ll become an exception myself:

  1. I won’t let the blog own me. This will not be a substitute for my own personal journal and I will keep the details of my underwear color to myself.
  2. I won’t let the blog become another me. I’ll resist using big words unless absolutely necessary (I don’t use them in real life and neither do most people, so why would I here?) and will be honest with who I am. This will not be an avatar outlet for the Mike I’d always wanted to be. Although Mike-on-blog looks better than in person, it isn’t the real me. I’ll try to be as real as possible.
  3. I’ll remind myself every time I blog that most likely I know less about [any] subject then I think, and therefore will not take offense to disagreement. In fact, I’m hoping that’s what I’ll find because I’m realizing I need lots of sharpening.
  4. I’ll be as controversial as possible. Thats always much more fun!

In love, adoration, kindness, and sarcasm. Of course in Christ’s blessings as well,



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